Nkemi Consulting

is a specialist marketing firm that provides value addition through strategic marketing for companies across Africa.

We pride ourselves in working closely with our clients to identify and understand their business strategy in order to build strategies and plans that are rooted in delivering on the bottom line. Our practice is divided into two units: B2C (Insight led marketing) and B2B (Revenue driven marketing)

Our Philosophy

The word Nkemi, is from the Meru tribe of Kenya meaning, to ululate. It is associated with celebration and accomplishment. Women would punctuate the climax of an occasion with Nkemi signaling completion and good news. This is what our philosophy is rooted on – helping our clients accomplish their goals and mission by adding value to their businesses.

Why Insight led marketing

Businesses have a large amount of data they collect everyday as they offer products and services to customers or that they gather through qualitative and quantitative research. At Nkemi, our consumer marketing is driven by insights that are generated through collaborative engagement with the client and through mining of this data. The insights must be useful in shifting understanding of the business issue/problem. It’s this new understanding that enables fresh thinking that leads to decision and action.

Why revenue driven marketing

Roughly 50% of B2B marketers currently have direct revenue accountability as part of their job. B2B marketers are reaching prospects earlier in their life cycle, remaining the primary company contact deeper into the buying process. Digital lead generation campaigns are following through and engaging prospects even beyond sales into customer experience management. Our goal, at Nkemi, is to create measurable and sustainable campaigns that drives sales and loyalty.

Caroline (Mbui) Githinji

Managing Partner

Caroline is a seasoned marketing and communication professional with extensive 17-year experience in both agency leadership positions and marketing roles. Her dynamic career has spanned various facets of marketing and communication including brand management, marketing strategy, advertising, public relations, digital marketing, operations, media management and activations. Her career has seen her lend her services in the greater East and Southern Africa region. Carol’s entrepreneurial skills and passion for leadership drove her to forming Nkemi Consulting, to help businesses use strategy and operational excellence to deliver marketing and communication programmes that work.

Cynthia Kahumbura


Cynthia has over 10 years marketing experience both in the public and private sector. Her career has been mainly focused on B2B revenue marketing with experience in strategic planning, product development, project and campaign management, digital strategy, brand strategy, customer experience and business development across the East African region. She holds a MBA in Strategy and an academic background in Engineering, providing the ideal leadership in driving Revenue Marketing for our clients.

Hilda Karina

Administration Manager

Hilda’s organisation and keen attention to detail are reflected in her duties, which include but not limited to employee coordination, organizational planning, administrative management and record keeping makes her the backbone of Nkemi Consulting. Hilda is at the start of a career that she not only trained for at Daystar University but is also passionate about it which has been evident in the results she’s delivered in a short span of time.

Fiona Kwatemba

Project Assistant

Fiona, a grandaunt from USIU – Africa, practices an ambitious and responsible approach in regards to her tasks. She enjoys carrying them out and successfully completing a given task. Her tasks are completed with timely execution and in a professional manner. She enjoys organizing and this comes in handy under her job description. Great work ethic, teamwork and communication skills are among some of the qualities that she embodies and adds to the Nkemi family

Peter Nduru

Creative Designer

Peter is a graphic, web, user experience designer and digital campaign developer with a passion for bringing ideas into reality. Peter has over 4 years design, branding and web development experience and with growing experience in developing and managing digital campaigns, he delivers a holistic approach to his work.