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    Is marketing an art or a science?

    I recently had a client say to me “but marketing is an art” which really disturbed me. It reminded me of the assumptions I have been hearing when I tell people I am a marketing consultant. Most of the assumptions fall around; printing of brochures and t-shirts, creative design, billboards, radio, activations etc. This made...
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    Leadership Lessons (1) – Decisions amidst fear

    Nearly every entrepreneur I’ve met in this first quarter of 2018 says that last year was a very difficult year for business. The political climate, interest rate capping and the wait and see attitude of potential clients all contributed to one of the hardest years yet for business in Kenya in recent times. My consulting...
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    How to budget for marketing

    How to budget for marketing! 2017 was a hard year for everyone businesswise and a lot of companies are struggling to pay their bills. So it’s no wonder that marketing as usual is the last item to be budgeted for. I’m not here to write about why you should be marketing, if you don’t know...